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  > Customer Testimonials

The following are just a few samples of customers' comments taken from Emails and customer surveys which we conduct periodically on our website. Please feel free to send us Email with any of your own suggestions or comments via Contact us Link. We always appreciate any customer feedback we receive!

"Thank you for the Cyber Café Business Plan, they work great with my future partner! Now I am ready to launch in my own Business!"
George Cox, Napa Valley, California

"Immediate Download, Professional Spreadsheet in Excel and good prices. Highly recommended to others striving to get funds."
Jan Carlson , Tampa, FL

"Much better than any Business plan Software. Excellent E-mail communication and support, A+ service..... Many thanks!"
Derek Hamper, Columbus, GA

"Always Great and friendly-answers to all financials questions about the template -thank you!"
Robert Bradley, Saginaw , MN

"Excellent business plan for start my Laundry Business!! Marketing information update! great!! Fast Download!!"
Kim Zuboff, Montreal , CA

"Excellent product, EASY install, saved me big $$$ on my business planning! Thanks!!"
David Luke, Raleigh , NC

"Great product and good product support for the UK Market"
Michael Wicks, London, UK

"The Karate Training School Business Plan is great. Quick response and delivery. After 3months I get Funded and found a new partner. Great!!"
Steve Yasumite, Dallas, TX

"Great product and price, Very reputable company, fast and secure e-mail delivery, A+++.Will do business Again!"
John Jacobsen, New York , NY

"I was very happy with the quick email response confirming my order. I purchase the Restaurant Business plan, and was great, very easy customization!"
Stephanie Marshall, Austin , TX

"I got an email response to some questions about customize the Restaurant Business plan within 24 hours, which prompted me to send my purchase order with paypal. After seeing the completed work I was very pleasantly surprised and it saved me a lot of money."
Robert Fernandez, Fresno , CA

"I just had to let you know that I get funds for my business yesterday,  I am very pleased with your work and would recommend you to anyone needing your type of service. Thank you once again for a fantastic job!"
Michael Nagel, Glendive , ND

"I was very pleased with the custom business plan services. You guys answered  my question all in detail. You were very patient, and for the first timers, that is crucial."
Martin Dreyfuss, New York, NY

"Thank you for your prompt and professional business plan template. This is great service and I will recommend your company to any of my friends who need a business plan. Thank you."
Timothy Womack, Syracuse , NY

"I received the full business plan customization today, for open a sushi restaurant in Toronto. Tell your business associates that I appreciate the great job they did. If this were Ebay I would be posting positive feedback. Thanks again!!"
Robert Gilder, Little Rock , AR

" I wanted to thank you for the outstanding business plan template and for all of the great assistance from your personnel. From Martin with my original inquires and Robert who gave such good writing ideas, everyone was a real pleasure to deal with. Sincerely,"
Paul Engelmoore, Boulder , CO

"My name is Francis Macchiato, Thank you so much and for the quick e-mail delivery of the Hair stylist business plan template. Please feel free to use me as a testimonial. The Excel files was very easy to work for"
Francis Macchiato, Memphis , TN

"I received the Import/Export Business plan today via email. Great job ! Thank you ,"
Cindy Sanders, Columbus , OH

"Greetings, I recently presented the restaurant business plan made by you to a private investor group and wanted to let you know I am very Happy! Thank you for help me to grow my business!"
Gary Dyson, Atlanta , GA

"Thanks for selling great products at great prices. I been striving to create a business plan for my consulting company for the past 6 months, unsuccessfully...You site is a great place for entrepreneurs!. You are welcome to quote me."
Jim Roos, Boston , MA

"Dear NextIQ team, I just want to thanks for the fine job, on the Cafe Shop Business Plan!-Will do business again with you soon.
Bruce Krugsman, Lexington , KY

"I will definitely use you business plan templates again, and will recommend  to my entrepreneurs friends.
George Cohen, San Jose , CA

"Hi!, Just wanted to drop you a note that I had purchased the dry cleaning business plan from you a couple of months ago and I have finally started to customize the plan. I found that you have supplied me with a quality product and that your support people are extremely courteous and helpful. Thank you for a quality product and support!
Kenneth Hall, Portland , OR

"Thanks for saving me a $900. That's how much I was considering on spending on a custom business plan. Tell your consultants team thank you."
Luis Ferraro, Miami , FL

"THANK YOU! . Excellent work. I got 200.000$ on capital investment from a private group to start my pet day care business.!"
Alvin Hidalgo, Los Angeles , CA

"Hello, I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that your Golf Business plan worked fabulously on my business! Very thanks again!"
Caroline Davidson, Austin , TX

"I just purchase the Car Wash business plan few months ago, and my wife got additional funding to start our venture thanks to yours. Thank you very much!!!"
Ian Teresko, Fort Lauderdale , FL

"Hello, I just wanted to write And Thank The People at Nexiq. I had Question's And they had Answers I was kept Informed the whole time. Great Job, Thanks! ONCE AGAIN MANY THANKS!"
Barbara Mintzberg, Charlotte , NC

"Thanks for your great service. I will keep
you in mind if I ever need anything related business planning for my business again."
Allan McKenna, New York , NY

"The Bakery business plan  look good! I'd recommend your company to anyone."
William Verespej, Toronto , CA

"Your prompt and high quality service was a blessing because we needed our business plan for our bank meeting a week later. It took only 20 minutes to download the .zip file. Thanks again!
Wilf Wechsler, Omaha , NE

" A company with the right product at the right price at just the right time. I will be keeping your site on my favorites and we will be doing business again in the future. Again, thank you guys."
Marian Edelman, Savannah , GA

"Dear NextIQ Staff, I just want to let you know the Great service, Great value, Great product. Thanks, I'll be sure to recommend you to friends in need and I may be calling regarding a custom business plan to start a chocolate retail shop."
Theodore Coy, Tampa , FL

"Thanks!! Guys, just wanted to thank you for doing a great job! Thanks for your prompt and professional service. I really appreciate it.
Paul Nasar, Denver , CO



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